A First From HIS Global: Live World Tour

A First From HIS Global: Live World Tour

HIS Global, which is the largest travel company in Japan, prepare to meet Japanese travel lovers online with an online world tour when inter-country flights cannot be made touristically due to the pandemic. This unique event, where the world tour will be made with a live broadcast, is a first.

Japanese travelers and travel lovers will have a chance to learn about the region with a live broadcast and travel live the most popular five cities of the world simultaneously while wandering around the city accompanied by employees of HIS and local guides.

How Are Virtual Tours Made?

The virtual tours that can be participated by the Zoom application take 90 minutes (1.5 hours). In the virtual tour experience, broadcasts are made from 5 different countries at the same time. Participants can visit countries respectively online. The live tour program, in which HIS Travel employees will also participate in Istanbul, takes online travelers on a pleasant trip to Sultanahmet. Firstly, broadcasts to be made in Japanese will be made in English over time.

Interest in Virtual Tours Have Increased in Pandemic

Travel passion is about breaking distances, breaking down barriers and bringing people from all over the world together. While travelers can't get together face-to-face right now, they can still connect and dream about where they want to go virtually. HIS Japan makes available its virtual tours that are specially designed to offer fun and exciting personalized excursions to Japanese travelers. The expert team of well-educated tourism professionals and entertaining private tour guides is ready to ensure a dynamic journey!

Virtual tours can take participants anywhere from distant lands to historical sites and savannas. You can watch the dazzling nature, explore the magnificent cities and knit the places you have always dreamed of visiting, without even getting up from the sofa thanks to the guided tours. Let's take a look at HIS Japan's virtual tour routes together.

Which Countries Are Visited With HIS Virtual Tours?

Honolulu / Hawaii (Walk on Waikiki Beach): Honolulu, which is the capital of the US state of Hawaii, is located on the south coast of Oahu Island. Waikiki Beach is the most famous beach in Honolulu, the largest city in the state.

Nairobi / Kenya (Safari tour in Kenya Nairobi National Park): It is possible to watch different kinds of animals from elephants to giraffes to rhinos and to do a virtual safari in Nairobi National Park.

Istanbul / Turkey (The Blue Mosque and The Hagia Sophia walk): A large part of the city's most famous buildings is located in Sultanahmet that is the old city center of Istanbul. The Hagia Sophia Mosque, which was once a museum after a church, later turned into a mosque and welcomes visitors, is on the virtual tour list.

Varanasi / India (Watching the view of the Ganges River and strolling in the old city): Located in the state of Uttar Pradesh in the north of India, Varanasi is known as one of the oldest living cities with a history of over 3 thousand years. The city, which has different traditions and rituals, hosts many tourists as well as many Hindu pilgrims from within the country and from various parts of the world. The city, which resembles an open-air museum with its existence for thousands of years, is also called "Banaras" and "Kashi".

Las Vegas / United States of America (Fountain Show and sightseeing): Las Vegas, which is located in Nevada, USA, built on the Mojave Desert and it is a city famous for its entertainment venues.