PCR Test Application Started at HIS Travel

PCR Test Application Started at HIS Travel

HIS Travel continues to be the pioneer of new applications. We have implemented the PCR test application for a safe travel for you. You can take a PCR test individually or by coming with your employees, you can get your test result within 24 hours (valid for tests performed in Istanbul and Ankara). You can follow the process below to have your test done in contracted hospitals (Memorial, Medipol hospitals).

What is the HIS PCR Test Fee?

  • Covid Evaluation Package in Contracted Hospitals: 340 TL + VAT
  • On-Site Sampling Covid Evaluation Package: 380 TL + VAT

When  HIS’s PCR Test Resulted?

PCR tests performed in Istanbul and Ankara result in 24 hours.

Can Only Turkish Citizens Perform the HIS Travel PCR Test?

No, our HIS Travel PCR Test service can be used by citizens of other countries, citizens of the Republic of Turkey and all the guests coming from abroad or going abroad.

You can contact us to take a PCR Test via the telephone or e-mail address below.

Mail: pcr@his.com.tr

Telephone: 0850 241 89 96