Organizing tour organizations is both a lucrative and very tedious process for agencies. It takes a great deal of experience, workforce and time to prepare fun-filled tour content with every feature capable of expanding the portfolio. With SKYhub, the only official agency position of JR Pass (Japan High Speed Train Ticket) in Turkey, you can offer your guests beyond all this laborious process of very special tour options.

Special Travel Solutions for Agencies


SKYhub is powered by Japan's No. 1 outgoing agency H.I.S. Travel. The company, which has 480 offices in 275 different cities in 65 countries, continues its activities in the light of the experience gained since 1980 and produces solutions solely for tourism agencies. Quality, reliable service is always considered in the production and delivery of these solutions that provide operational convenience to local agencies.

SKYhub, which started to serve in 2010, takes care to ensure the high level of service and service quality. Brand, with awareness of the fact that this issue is the most important element for both you and your guests; With IATA, KalDer and ISO 9001 certificates, proves once again how much it values excellent service and quality.

SKYhub offers 6 different service options for domestic agencies. If you want, you can easily meet your guests' flight ticket needs with the comprehensive service offered by the brand. You can also get help from SKYhub’s experienced team for transfer, guidance and visa services that can be operationally challenging. More importantly, you will have the opportunity to offer group and individual tour programs to your high-loyalty customers who will provide them a high level of holiday experience. Likewise, you can offer special and prestigious opportunities for hotel accommodation to your private guests.

SKYhub organizes training organizations as well as services to expand your customer portfolio. The training activities of the brand consist of educational trips abroad and domestic education and entertainment organizations. Skyhub is organizing these events with local business partners and hotels.

Advantages That Will Make You to Choose Skyhub

One of the advantages the brand provides to local tourism agencies is the simplification of operational processes. You can easily reach the ideal solutions for flight tickets and hotel reservations via SKYhub, one of the most important issues in international tour packages. This saves time, eliminating the need to allocate extra budgets and labor for research.

H.I.S. Travel, the firm Skyhub operates under, is the 8th largest travel company in the world. Through its 40 years of industry experience and a strong global network, the brand can make choices in a level to easily satisfy holidaymakers of all ages in creating tour routes. All you have to do is register your agency and make sure your guests enjoy this exquisite content.

Comprehensive Individual and Group Tour Options

Through SKYhub, you can offer your guests comprehensive individual tours. Individual tours include exotic holiday destinations of Southeast Asia resembling the paradise and interesting countries with the mystical atmosphere and rich culture of the Far East. Individual tour content includes basic amenities such as accommodation and transportation, plus exclusive extra services. Extras included in the tour include honeymoon promotions, seaplane transfer, daily city trips, greeting and assistance services.

The group tours, which are specially prepared for specific days, focus on cities that are prominent both in terms of history and culture. Just like the individual holiday packages, these tours take care of the content being satisfying. You can visit SKYhub.com.tr to get detailed information about the services you can offer to your guests through SKYhub brand and to complete your agency registration.

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